Less than Two Weeks!

What a busy week! We got back from Wayumi on Saturday evening, a long 8 hour drive – which surprisingly makes you tired even if you slept the majority of the way. Lauren helped out with children’s church again on Sunday, and then we ate lunch with some friends of ours from church.

Our house is in transition, and is now looking less like a home and more like a college dorm. The office is where we are sending everything that we need to pack, and the living room is back into it’s original layout (with the couch and the counter against the wall).

We are finding more and more stuff that we are selling in the yard sale on Thursday and Friday here at school. Lauren posted some items on Amazon, and sold her first item! Here is her “green” way of packaging:

Today was especially busy. Lauren is in the senior choir for graduation, which has lately been taking an hour a day for practice. Mark had another dentist appointment today, we both went had a cavity filled two weeks ago, but Mark needed all of his fillings to be refilled. Today they gave him three new metal fillings, and boy are his jaw and teeth sore!

Tonight we had a worship night at Jackson Coffee & Company (the local coffee house).

Then we had our last night of Green Letters. We have really enjoyed meeting together at one of our teacher’s house to spend time discussing and reading through The Complete Green Letters by Miles Stanford. We have both learned so much about our position in Christ, and about spiritual growth and rest. We are so blessed to have such hospitable and wise men and women on staff who are so willing to invest in our lives. We are really going to miss this unique aspect of school.

And last but not least, the married couples got together and roasted s’mores in the back schoolyard. The weather is so nice right now, even at night!

Tomorrow is our last Day of Prayer here at New Tribes Bible Institute. Crazy how fast these past two years have gone by!

Prayer Requests

  • Lauren’s grandma, Margie, had a biopsy on a cyst in her breast. It is negative, but is a high risk leasion so it might have to be removed.
  • Please be praying for the students graduating at NTBI next week, that they will trust God for providing for their needs and wisdom in making future decisions.

Praise and Answered Prayer

  • Our 5yo cousin, David, trusted Christ as His Savior last night.
  • Aunt Sue is pregnant! She is due in December and since we’ll be in Texas we get to be there!

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