Day 2 in Penn State

Greetings from Pennsylvania. It currently is raining and looks very similar to Michigan…except there are more hills and less evergreen trees. They said it should be getting sunnier within the next couple of days (so don’t fret New Tribers!).

I’m currently in west PA visiting one of my best friends, Cara. Mark, Steph, and Preston dropped me off and continued their way to Jersey Shore, PA (east PA) where our Senior Retreat will be taking place this coming week. We will be taking the class, Intro to Tribal Missions, and will taking part of the Wayumi program.

We are both so excited to get a little glimpse into what tribal church planting will be like. We will have the opportunity to talk with veteran church planters, experience what it would be like to learn a language in a tribal village, and our class will get to slaughter a pig and cook mumu (a dish from Papua New Guinea).

Mumu … doesn’t it make your mouth water?

Going on senior retreat is bittersweet. It’s sweet because we’ll get to enjoy some time with our classmates outside of school, and we get to go on hikes, and eat mumu, etc. It’s bitter because it really means we are seniors, and that there are only two weeks of school left when we get back.
Two weeks!? Can you believe it? Two weeks to quit our jobs, take one more class, intentionally spend time with people, and pack up our whole apartment.

Please pray for us as we prepare for the summer: that we’ll be wise money spenders, that we’ll continue to study and be in the Word each day, and that we’ll enjoy the time we have with our church and family in Canada and California. Also pray that we will be good stewards of our free time these next two weeks.

~ Lauren


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