NTBI No Talent Night

Last night was our school’s “Black & White No Talent Night” … which was basically a talent night since everyone was sooo amazing! Afterwards we ate desserts in the cafeteria and then two of our friends came up and watched a movie with us. We had such a blast last night. Here are some videos:

Yes…Lauren is the bearded yodeling man. Her and her bluegrassy group called themselves the Skillet Lickers.

My memory card filled up on that video…but other talents were Shakespeare reciting, a Monty Python skit, toaster playing, a “Hey There Deliliah” parody written from the view of Samson, piano songs, guitar songs etc.

Here’s a music video that was shown during it to. It’s on Facebook so I’m not sure if this will work or not.
College Girls


One Comment on “NTBI No Talent Night

  1. i miss you guys. i have tears in my eyes and i cannot wait to see you, lauren! stephen's beside me playing drums so i've yet to watch the videos, but i cannot wait till i do! 😀

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