Happy Easter From Canada!

We are on spring break! Woohoo! We drove up to Durham, Ontario on Thursday right after classes ended. We piled five people into our Dodge Neon, bought some Twizzlers, made sure we all had our passports and went on our way. We made it in 6 1/2 hours which was pretty good time.

So far the weather has been incredible! About 60 – 70F which is pretty odd for Canada this time of the year. Technically there still should be some snow…but I’m not complaining. I already have a tan/sunburn haha. We’ve been taking advantage of this weather and have been going canoeing, “spelunking”, fishing, hiking, and playing Frisbee golf.

We drove to a place about 45 minutes away to go spelunking. But when we got there and found the caves, there was too much ice so we couldn’t go in. Well, we could have but we didn’t want to get stuck somewhere underground haha.

This is me and Jessalyn, a girl from NTBI, sitting on one of the Dobu hut’s. There is a section at MTC Durham with these tribal hut replicas where classes are held. Teachers dress up as tribal people and teach them, etc.

We’ve had a wonderful time with family so far. Mark brother, two sisters, our three nephews, one niece, grandparents, and parents are all here. The kids are adorable! And are growing up so fast! We are both so glad we decided to come up here to visit his family instead of staying in Jackson to work. We weren’t sure how we would pay for the rest of school, but we decided to trust in God. The day we arrived we received a letter which was our Canadian tax return. This along with a generous monetary gift that we received will cover the rest of our school payment and so much more! God is so great and is always faithful to us!

Pray for my sister and my church’s youth group who are currently in Tijuana, Mexico working with some churches down there. Yesterday there was 7.2 earthquake with aftershocks. Nobody from our church is hurt, though I can imagine there are many concerned parents.


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