Doctors, Dinner, & Desserts

This weekend was a fun one haha. On Friday both Mark and I had dentist appointments…and we both have one cavity that they want to take out. They told me that Medicaid won’t cover my wisdom tooth to be extracted unless it bothers me (which it doesn’t). So we will probably wait till we have worked for a while to get it taken out, though we will try to get it out before we are in some jungle or remote location haha.

On Saturday morning Mark had a doctor’s appointment…for a checkup and to get some other stuff done. They had him go back in Monday morning to have a blood test, so we are awaiting those results. We are also thinking about having him see a back specialist, while he still covered by Medicaid, because he has “attacks” everyone once in a while that last from 30 seconds to five minutes which he says that it stings like fire ants or being stabbed with thousands of needles. So please be praying for us that we can find a doctor that might know what is wrong with his back.

Mark helps teach English to a Korean student here at school. We were invited over to dinner by their family and they made us some traditional Korean food. We had such a great time learning about their culture and laughing at my terrible chopstick skills. After dinner we were invited to staff couples’ house for a game night and snacks. The girls played “Zilch” and some sort of tongue trivia game while the guys chatted and watched basketball. We left around 10:30pm.

On a side note, we have our tickets to California bought and ready! We’ll be flying out on June 2nd! Yaay!

Overall it was a busy yet relaxing weekend. The weather has been warming up! Yipee!


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