Christ’s Love for His Church

A quote from our ecclesiology class:

“This love is even more amazing in the light of the infinite distance of nature between the lover and the beloved. Never was there love that fixed itself upon an object so much below the lover. Nor has there ever been an instance of such love to those so far from being capable of benefiting the lover. Among men the lover looks upon the beloved as one capable and fitted to complement or benefit the lover. But Jesus Christ is above want. Again, never was there any that set his love upon those in whom he saw so much filthiness and deformity. Men may set their love upon those that are inwardly very hateful because they are ignorant of them. They do not know what is in them. But Christ knew perfectly all of man’s filthiness (Heb. 4:13). Again, never was there a lover that set his love upon those that were so far from loving him. Every natural man has a mortal enmity against Christ. And this enmity is infinitely unreasonable, for Christ has never done him any wrong. Yet, knowing of this contempt beforehand, Christ was pleased to set His love upon them. Finally, never was there any love so beneficial to the beloved. By means of Christ’s dying love, the beloved is recued from eternal destruction to fully enjoy Him for all eternity. All of this is just a mere glimpse at that knowledge-surpassing love of which the apostle speaks and which is pictured in the beautiful bride metaphor.”

-Earl Radmacher, “The Nature of the Church” (p 248-249)


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