Almost There! Summer Plans, etc.

Today was the end of another block. Only two more blocks till we graduate! And boy will it fly by! Next week is spring break for us – April 1st to 11th. Mark and I are driving up to Durham, ON to visit his family and we are taking three students with us to check out the MTC campus there. Then we’ll come back for another two weeks of school, start our final block, and from April 24th to May 1st is our Senior Retreat. We will be going to Jersey Shore, PA with our class to participate in a week long course about tribal missions called Wayumi.

After that we’ll be back for another two weeks of school and then we graduate on May 15th! I can not believe we are almost done with our first step of training with NTM. Many people have asked us what we’ll be doing after we graduate so I’ll write a quick summarization of what our flexible plan might be:

May 15 – Graduate
May 14-18 – Lauren’s mom visits, Jackson, MI
May 19-26 – Visit Mark’s family in Durham, ON
May 26-29 – Sarah Lu’s wedding in Indiana
June 1/2/3 – Fly to California
July 17-19 – NCC Family Camp at Lake Tahoe
July 21 – August 1 – Mission trip to UK with NorthCreek Church
mid-August – Move to Grandview, Texas

August 2011 ? – MTC Durham (2nd phase of NTM training)

“In Training” includes New Tribes Bible Institute (NTBI) and Missions Training Center (MTC)

Please continue to keep us in your prayers! Things are getting pretty crazy…it’s harder to focus on classes and we are trying to be very intentional with the little time left we have with our friends and staff. Here are some more prayer requests and PRAISE!:

  • Lauren’s grandma, who has vascular dementia, moved in with her parents in California. Hopefully she’ll be able to move into a place where she can receive hospice care and more privacy, as she is currently residing in the living room. On a more positive note, since Mark and I will be living with my parents this summer, we’ll be able to take care of her while they are at work.
  • We only have $950 left to pay in school bills! WOOHOO! Hopefully we’ll receive our tax returns soon which would cover most of it. It has been so amazing to see God’s provision at work this past year, not only in our lives, but with every other student here at NTBI.
  • Wisdom in making practical decisions: how to spend time, how to spend money, etc.
  • Yay! It’s finally spring and the weather has been so nice lately in Jackson, MI. So nice to feel the sun again.

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