Our Humble Abode

Before we started packing for the summer I thought I’d post some more pics of our apartment.

Our living room. We moved the counter and couch to divide the room in half. Mark made a rod to hold the curtain we sewed from discounted Joann’s fabric.

Our office. No more bunny cage filling up half of it haha. So we added another bookshelf.
The bed is usually not in there – we’re hosting a couple from Waukesha, WI (our sister school) for the weekend.

Here is our bedroom. We kept our Christmas lights up.
Mom – is this pic of the afghan good enough (if cropped)? Let me know.

Our lovely view of downtown Jackson (and the hospital). At night the lights are pretty, but the ambulances and the helicopters are pretty regular.

Our kitchen is a little messy..so I’ll take pics later.
We don’t have any running water in our place so to wash dishes, Mark fills blue gooses up with water from the utility closet at the end of the hallway. Then I’ll pour it into the bucket and wash them dishes.

The water drains into the bucket below and when it’s full, Mark takes it to the bathroom and flushes it down the toilet.

We filter our drinking/cooking water with a Brita we keep in the fridge.

Come and visit us anytime! As you can see, our office turns into a lovely guest room!


One Comment on “Our Humble Abode

  1. Aw! It's so cute and homey! One day, I want to have a homey apartment. I like the idea of splitting the living room in half with a curtain rod… Hmm…..

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