Our Cactus is Growing :)

Back during Christmas break we snapped off a piece of Grandpa’s spineless cactus, brought it home in my carry-on, and stuck it in a “pot”. Last month it began to grow a little green bumb which then sprouted little mutant limbs. I have no idea what they are. Though it now it looking like another pad is forming.

In this pic you can see the pad…the green things fell off a bit.

Grandpa or Uncle Alan…can you expound on what the stages are in a growing cactus? Or what those green “spines” are?


2 Comments on “Our Cactus is Growing :)

  1. hahaha! Yep, that's a new pad! I don't know any other explanation! Where those green fingers fall off is where the little bunches of thorns (or hairs on the thornless) come out of the grown up pad.

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