Grandma Rescues Baby

Here is an update from the NTM website:

“Yanomamis in Brazil often discard what they consider to be imperfect babies. The mother will leave the baby unattended in the jungle.

So when a tiny little boy was born out in the jungle a few days ago, his mom left him to die. His grandma, Catarina, went out searching for him, heard his weak little cry and took him home with her. Adriana, the baby’s mother, just leaves him lying in a hammock.

“I wonder if she thinks he isn’t going to survive and so doesn’t want to get attached to him,” wrote missionary Diane Hartman.

Catarina was stung by a stingray a few days ago. Her leg is extremely swollen and she is running a high fever. She is taking antibiotics and hopefully will soon improve. Diane visits often and tries to help Catarina as well as helping to care for the tiny baby.

(Catarina and her grandson)

Pray for Catarina to combat the infection and be able to care for her newborn grandson. Pray also for Brais, a Yanomami Bible teacher, who is teaching evangelistic Bible lessons to a group of elderly Yanomamis. Pray that they will trust Jesus as their Savior and leave their old customs behind so babies will no longer be left to die.”


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