A Fun and Busy Weekend

Saturday night’s supper: homemade tortillas and taco meat

Here are some pics from this weekend. Mark worked all day Saturday but at 7pm we went to our school’s Coffee Social at the downtown coffee house. We had a blast hanging out with our fellow classmates and staff. We went back to school a little early and played card games the rest of the night with some friends of ours. For the social I made a chocolate flan cake and sopapilla cheesecake. Aunt Lynne, I just wanted to let you know that your cheesecake won the dessert contest 🙂sopapilla cheesecake
chocolate flan cake

I worked Sunday morning, then Mark and I went to church, when we got back Mark got a start on some more homework while I went back to work. Later that evening we drove to Spring Arbor University and went swing dancing with a group of NTBI and SAU students there. Here are some videos of Mark and I learning some moves:

“Around the World”

Floor spin (usually the guy does it to the girl)

“Around the World” attempt

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