February So Far…

Update: February 10, 2010
NTBI, Jackson, MI

Alright, we just started Block 2 this month and the classes we are currently taking are Daniel/Revelation, Philippians, and Pastoral Epistles. They are all so amazing and our worldview is continuously being challenged over and over again through each and every verse of God’s word.

Two weeks ago my grandma (my mom’s mom) was told she had liver cancer and cirrhosis. I flew out to Texas early Saturday morning on the 31st of January and stayed till February 2nd. Since then grandma was sent home with hospice and now has been transferred to the nursing home in Grandview, Texas. She is not doing so well so please be praying for her, that she won’t be in any pain, and for my family during this time. This is yet another circumstance in which God can be honored through our lives and in which we can, as a believing family, continue to find our joy in Christ.

Then on February 5th I recovered from a cold while my healthy husband was a small group leader at Winter Rumble. Our church in Albion hosted an overnight youth outreach event, so Mark spent about 24 hours with those kids, came home, then later that night took me out to dinner and a movie in celebration of my 19th birthday, 6th month wedding anniversary, and
in celebrating one year since he asked my dad for permission to marry me. We had a wonderful evening (thanks Dad!!).

Mom, here is the pictures of my timeline from Hermeneutics 2 my sophomore semester:


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