Happy New Year!

Update: January 7, 2009
Pipes Family Reunion Pic ’10

Hello everyone! Well, Lauren and I have had an amazing week! The Lord is definitely showing His face to us in the most fantastic ways and I thought I’d share them with you all.

Firstly, Lauren and I decided that we had to sell Jamal the bunny. We realized that we didn’t have time to spend with him and we didn’t want him to have to stay cooped up in a cage all day. The amazing thing about it was that as soon as Lauren put her Facebook status as “Is anyone interested in buying our bunny,” her friend called to say that the status beneath Lauren’s was a friend’s status which said “Does anyone know where I can buy a bunny”. That friend hooked us up and the next day we were able to give Jamal a good home with three little boys and lots of space to run around. This, in and of itself was amazing, but God hadn’t finished with us yet.

Secondly, on October 5th of 2009 I had to have an emergency appendectomy which landed us an outstanding medical bill. We applied for Medicaid and weren’t sure if we’d get it or not because of me possibly being ineligible. We waited and waited, and we trusted in God’s sovereignty to take care of us as He always has. The biggest problem with this whole situation was that the medical bill would have hindered us from returning to school and from attending the second stage of our training. When we applied for Medicaid, we were told that it would cover any medical bills that we had obtained over the past three months. God was amazingly kind to us in sending us both Medicaid (Lauren back in September and Mark in January). He also revealed to us that His will is done IN HIS OWN TIME by sending us Medicaid on the 4th of January. If we had received Medicaid one day later, it would not have covered that bill.

Third, January 6th we had a hearing to see if we could get food stamps to help with our time here at school. We had applied for it quite a few months ago and were denied for not being “eligible students,” yet there are many other married couples here who have food stamps so we were pretty confused by this. We attended our hearing and were denied, for reasons that we didn’t fully understand or agree with. Though it was a difficult day for us we were told to apply again so we did. We filled out an application form and this morning, when we took the form in to the DHS we got an interview with our case worker and, after several hours of wondering what would happen, we were given a food card! God certainly has been very good to us lately and we feel like we should share this with you all so that you can all join with us in praising God.

Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging support these past months! There is no way we can express at how meaningful everyone has been to us!

Mark & Lauren
New Tribes Bible Institute

Jackson, MI

Lauren, her mom, and her sister


One Comment on “Happy New Year!

  1. Thank you for sharing all this with us – it is very encouraging to see y'all's faith and how God provides for you. We loved having y'all visit!

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