Christmas Day and Texas

Last Saturday Gina & Gino, YuJung and I went to see The Grinch (for free!) at the old theatre in downtown Jackson. The movie wasn’t so great, but the theatre was pretty sweet.

On Christmas Eve we ate supper with with our neighbors, Malachi & Kara.
We watched A Charlie Brown Christmas and then watched parkour videos haha
Later that night another guy at school and YuJung came over and we played ImaginiffThe next morning Matt M drove us to the Detroit airport and we flew to Texas! Woohoo! The girls in the family went shopping the next day while the guys went fishing. We ate lunch at Rosa’s (finally some real Mexican food!!).

Little Bekah enjoyed her tortilla

Cousin Elizabeth and I
Dad was going to lift Mark up…but Mom and I stopped them lol
The cows were saying “Moooorry Christmas”
There’s the house looking up from The Pecan Tree.

Mark and Dad closed the fence, but with Mark on the wrong side.

Last night we ate TexMex at Aunt Lynne’s house. Then we played a funny game of Picto-Phone.

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