Short Updates & a Christmas Sneak Peek :)

Update: December 18, 2009

For those who Mark and I will be celebrating Christmas with….here’s a sneak peek to maybe what we’ll be giving you guys haha. I can’t take a picture of my whole tree cause then I’d reveal your presents… But here’s what I’ve been doing in my free time lately.

Mark painted the wreath ornament at our school’s Christmas party a while back.
I made us a “first Christmas” ornament…which turned out better than I expected.

My goal this year was to make felt Christmas ornaments that would tell the Christmas story. Here’s the “Lamb of God” ornament. I also have made a manger with baby Jesus in it, an angel, and am working on many more.

We couldn’t find a star small enough that would fit our little tree – so I made one 🙂

This is what I painted at the Christmas party. The beautiful ornament behind it is one I bought from a local thrift store for a quarter!

Hello everyone,
We’ve had a very relaxing week so far. Tuesday night we had a hot chocolate party and our house was packed! We originally planned a game night but there were too many people to play games haha. But we had a great time chatting and enjoying a time of fellowship. We ate brunch on Wednesday with a wonderful Korean family, the Parks, and they served us Korean omelets (it was filled with rice and ham) which were delicious. It was awesome to finally get to hang out with them this break.

This week we’ve also seen the Lord’s provision in so many ways! Mark found hamburger buns in the bread room to go with his hamburgers from food cart – he was really excited about that haha. A lady from a local church blessed us with a whole bag of food. And we also received a Visa gift card that will more than enough cover our gas for this month including the trip to the Detroit airport next week. It is so true that we need not worry about any of our physical needs in this life. God is in control over every circumstance that we face and He will take care of us according to His sovereign will.

I finally made one of two Christmas stockings. This one is mine. Tomorrow I plan to cut and sew Mark’s stocking. I’m so excited I’m actually getting these done, cause this is something I really wanted to have for Christmas eve/day.

Lauren’s stocking 🙂 🙂

Our Christmas card ribbon garland is growing!
I decorated the doorframes with ribbon that Mark’s mom gave us.


  • Lauren got to work a little over 20 hours this past week!
  • 4 months later…we have finally have a hearing for our two denied food stamps application! (This is also a prayer request! Cause it would a burden lifted not to have pay for food).


  • Mark is sick and stayed in bed/the couch all day today (besides the 10:30am fire drill we had hahaha). Pray that he’ll gain more energy before we leave for Texas.
  • Pray for the health of Nana and Grandma (both Lauren’s grandmas). Nana is having some neoro problems and Grandma is sick with pleursy and more.

4 Comments on “Short Updates & a Christmas Sneak Peek :)

  1. Guess what Mark is getting for Christmas from us!!! I have mailed it 3 times and it has come back 3 times. I figured if I mail it now then you would miss it. I apologize for all the waiting and confusion. Love ya!!! Aunt Lynne

  2. Thanks for the prayers – finally feeling a little better, just no energy. Getting excited about everyone being here for Christmas in Texas.
    LOVE always and forever – grandma

  3. I love the star you made for your tree – and the nativity story in felt – that's really neat. Peppermint candy canes make good tree decorations too (ones in packages hang w/hooks).

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