December Pics So Far

Pics from our school’s Christmas social:

I took Jamal outside before it started snowing – though it was lightly snowing in this pic. He loves the outdoors…especially the grass and climbing on the sidewalk

Mom…my neighbor and I made molasses cookies (this pic is for your virtual cookie exchange)….these are the surviving cookies haha

It started snowing last week! Here’s the view from our window.

Here’s the snowman I made!

I tried to die YuJung’s hair the other day….but the blond highlights wouldn’t show up on her dark Korean hair haha. Must have been the cheap hair dye brand.

Sweet potatoes were on sale one week…so I made sweet potatoes a couple of days ago. Last night I looked and pretty much all of it was eaten by a yam monster. hmmm…

We hosted a Hot Chocolate Party at our house last night from 9-12.
We had a blast playing pictophone and chatting with the students remaining at school during the break.

Mark’s volleyball team won the championship at NTBI Jackson 🙂
It was a great game.

3 Comments on “December Pics So Far

  1. Yay, pictures!!! Those molasses cookies don't last long around here either. I think I'm going to make the jam bars tonight since it's cold & rainy. And maybe potato soup. I was thinking about doing a soup recipe exchange in January!


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