Learning Where to Place Our Focus

Update: November 14, 2009

*Pictures are coming*

So far this semester…3 out of 5 babies have been born, 7 new dating relationships have began (more are soon going to begin haha), and 7 students have left the school due to different circumstances. It’s just a reminder to us that life is happening and it’s going quick. Things can change within seconds, but God is still sovereign and we can turn to Him in everything. It’s also really easy to “forget” God when time seems to fly by, but what benefit or value will it be to us if we ignore the most important Person in our life? I’m continuning to learn how to think eternally versus temporarily. This life is not mine…and what is 80 years of my life compared to the millions and millions of years I’ll have in eternity with God? Isn’t it crazy how this milimeter of time we have can have an amazing impact on our eternity? (Both in where we’ll spend it and in the rewards we’ll receive).

These past two weeks have been pretty crazy for us. There has been a ton of homework since the block is about to end (we’re approaching our last block for the semester!!). Otherwise life has been pretty routine, though we did have Day of Prayer one day (which is when all the students pray pretty much all morning for different missionaries and friends/family instead of having classes), which was a very encouraging day for us. Last Saturday Lauren got to celebrate for an upcoming wedding at her friends’ bridal shower. We’re sooo happy for J&S who are tying the knot December 31st 🙂

Mark and I spent last Saturday at one of our friends’ house. They just got married this summer but couldn’t return to school, so we had a blast bowling with them and just catching up. We also went on an outing with one of the freshman couples at our school…it’s so awesome to see how God works in our lives and how He is so faithful to us all.

Schoolwork is going pretty well, though we still have a book, an essay, and a test due by Monday heheh. We’re studying the deep and sometimes-potentially-hairsplitting topics of Lordship Salvation, Free Grace, Justification by Faith, Calvinism, Armenialism, etc. It can be so confusing and so easy to be caught up in these topics…wondering which one we should be believing or being overwhelmed with how logical they can be. But we’ve had to constantly remind ourselves to keep our doctrine based on the Bible and not the words of influential and intelligent men. We’ve also really enjoyed those topics because they really make you think about your beliefs and why you believe what you believe.
We’re about to end our Angelology/Satanology/Demonology class as well. I think the greatest truths we’ve learned from that is how, yes, Satan and demons are powerful, but they are still just created beings who are limited in what they can do, and that we have victory and power, through Christ, to overcome them. They cannot possess us as believers but they can greatly influence us through appealing to our flesh and feeding us perverted lies about what God’s Word really says. So we definetly need to be steadfast in the Bible and place our faith in it and in nothing else.

For those who’ve been wanting to Skype, call, or hang out here’s our schedule. We really want to talk to you, but we know that with different time zones or different working schedules it can be hard. But take a look at our schedule and just let us know when you’re available and we can make a date! (also keep in mind that Lauren has her PCM every other day and we both have 3-6 hours of homework each day).

Our Schedule:
8:00-11:45AM Classes
1:10-2:00PM New Age Movement elective
5:00-7:00PM Lauren works
5:00-9:00PM Mark works
7:00PM Food Cart

8:00-11:45AM Classes
6:30-7:00PM Laundry Hour
9:00-10:15PM Green Letters sm. group

8:00-11:45AM Classes
3:00-4:00PM Lauren’s language helper session
5:00-7:00PM Lauren works
5:00-9:00PM Mark works

8:00-11:45AM Classes
7:00PM Food Cart

8:00-11:45AM Classes
1:10-2:00PM New Age Movement elective
5:00-7:00PM Lauren works
5:00-9:00PM Mark works

2:00-7:00PM Mark works (?)

9:00-12:30PM Church
4:00-8:00PM Lauren works (? – depends on production)
9:00-10:00PM Mark’s Volleyball


  • Lauren’s hours have been cut at work these past three weeks due to slow production at the plants (which means no need for cleaning)
  • The health of students and family at school. There’s been several cases of The Flu around, though everyone is recovering. Keep the school, especially the newborn babies and kids, in prayer this flu season that nothing will spread too quickly.
  • Please continue to pray for Mark’s Medicaid acceptance as well


  • We found a place to replace our back tires for under $150
  • Thanksgiving is almost here!
  • Two more precious babies have been born at NTBI
  • Mark had and still has an awesome witnessing opportunity with a man he met at the mall – please be in prayer for that relationship

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