Happy Harvest (or All Saints’ Day)!

Update: November 1, 2009

So we’ve started into our fourth block here at NTBI and I have to say, we’re both loving it. Our new classes are amazing! We’ve been studying Angelology, Pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit), and Soteriology (the study of salvation). I’m also taking an elective called Ruth, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, which has been very good. Lauren’s been doing very good, though it’s easy to see that there’s a lot of stress with our schedule right now.

Keeping a positive attitude about everything has been a little tougher than before, because we, once again, have been given a huge slice of homework pizza. It reminds me of what an old teacher used to tell me, “You can eat an elephant if you just do it one bite at a time” only we’re being forced to eat it all at once haha. Despite the difficulty of the work we are learning so much. I’m so happy to have Angelology, I’ve been looking forward to this class since freshmen semester so it’s nice to finally get into it. Romans is over and WOW! It’s almost like the answer book of the Bible. I’m amazed to see how that book has influenced our lives. I’ve also been really challenged by Ecclesiastes. When I first read it I honestly wondered whether or not Solomon was on medication or severely depressed when he wrote it, but after going through it with Rich B., our teacher, I’m seeing what he actually is talking about. It’s cool to see how Solomon had everything and yet he can say that it all is vanity. It has really challenged my worldview and helped me to look for joy only in Christ and not in possessions and such.

I’ve been having a fun time with Lauren, we’ve really been goofing off a lot with each other. The other night, for example, I came back from work around 9pm and I knew that Lauren was in the computer room working on some homework. So instead of letting her know where I was, I stood just inside the door to the house with a rather scary look on my face and waited. She FINALLY came out of the computer room, looked at me, and started screaming. She ran away and it must have taken me at least 10 minutes to convince her not to be scared.

Lauren went Trunk or Treat-ing last night at a church near here and so we’ve been sitting around ruining our teeth with sugar haha. This morning at FBC Albion we heard a pretty encouraging message about world evangelism. It’s really good to hear others getting so encouraged about evangelism and world missions.

I’ve also been really blessed this past month by family and friends. We’ve been so overwhelmed with medical bills that keep piling in and I just wanted to say in closing that it’s been a constant blessing being married to Lauren and being part of this new family unit. We’ve been constantly encouraged from all of our family and it’s just causing us so much peace. Thank you all so very much, and God bless,

Mark & Lauren
New Tribes Bible Institute
Jackson, MI


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