A Tough and Growing Week

Update: October 26, 2009

What a week! It feels like we are given less and less time to work around, especially with time change happening soon…the fall backwards always messes me up. Block Three of our semester has ended and we are now entering Block Four tomorrow morning! Our new classes will be Pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit), Angelogy (study of angels haha), and Soteriology (the study of salvation). It’s the first time we’ve had only classes about doctrine; we’re moving forward in our chronological teaching. We are both so excited to learn more about these three difficult topics, especially soteriology which will cover Calvinism and Arminism, etc.

Though we spend the majority of our time finishing up papers and studying for tests, we also were able to fellowship with some awesome people. Friday night was the marrieds’ game night, where all the married couples and staff couples were invited to play games till midnight in one of the classrooms. Not many of the staff couples showed up, but below is a picture of the extreme competiveness between the men and women during a game of Pictionary.

Also on Friday night, our best friend Cara and her boyfriend from PA hung out with us late into the night. She left school the next morning due to her health problems so it was a bittersweet moment for us, not knowing when we’ll ever see her again. We love her so much and she has been such an encouragement to us since we met at the beginning of our freshman semester.

Mark “Buck”, Cara, and Lauren

Saturday night Josh and Shannah, an engaged couple at our school, ate dinner with us. It was great to catch up with them and hear about their wedding plans for New Years day. So exciting! Afterwards, a group of us went to Walmart and bought ice cream and then came back to our apartment to make sundaes and watch a movie. I can’t believe how we managed to stuff twelve people in our tiny living area haha. It was a blast!
The view of downtown Jackson, and the hospital from our window.
(This is the hospital Mark had his surgery in…the helicopter pad is off to the right)
Please continue to pray for Mark and I for financial wisdom and that we won’t be anxious about anything. We received three more bills this week…it seems like they don’t stop coming and it’s crazy to understand how much work goes into a surgery and how many people are involved in it! A verse in 1 Peter stood out to me this week as our class winded down. “Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:6,7). This verse has been such an encouragement to me and a reminder to evaluate my attitude. It’s so full of truth that speaks to our situation, too. Though in context Peter is talking about suffering from persecution, he also mentions suffering from living in a fallen world. Suffering is a normal and expected aspect of a believer’s daily life and can easily bring us down, yet all throughout Scripture is an exhortation to rejoice and not worry about anything. God knows that He is doing and He extremely cares for us! I need to humble myself through the trials of life and allow Him to transform me to the image of His Son and to direct me on whatever path He leads. I am so independent but I need to allow Himto take care of me rather than try to take care of myself. So please be praying that we will follow the will of God for our lives, making wise decisions and casting our anxieties on Him.Romans class has also ended today, it has been such a life-changing class. This week one of the truths that have impacted Mark and me is in Romans 12:1 where Paul write to us saying “to present [our] bodies as a living sacrifice.” I’ve never really understood this part of the passage before, but there is such a great meaning there. How am I to be a living sacrifice? I should be living as though I was slain. I have surrendered my rights to God and I want to please Him through my life. Through being a living sacrifice I am able to lay aside my personal desires or needs and serve others. I am a bondservant, which means that I also should not seek revenge but love others (Romans 12), submit to govermental authority (Romans 13), and not be a stumbling block to believers through my liberty and rights (Romans 14).

Alright, that’s probably enough for now. Time for bed!


  • Continuing to trust God’s provision and cast our anxieties on Him
  • Getting out of our comfort zone to iniate relationships in the community
  • For a desire to be in the Word, apart from our homework and studies
  • For the different outreaches at churches in the community during Halloween, especially at FBC Albion and Rives Baptist Church


  • Lauren has been trained at Alro Steel Corporation (through her janitorial work) so that she can fill in for workers who are sick…which means more hours!
  • Medicaid is still being processed, which means Mark hasn’t been denied
  • One of the staff ladies here at school gave Lauren an awesome hair cut for free

Let us know how we can be praying for you and encouraging you!


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