Half-Way There!

Update: October 19, 2009

Well, we are now more than half way though our junior semester at New Tribes Bible Institute. Time is flying by and it seems like times of rest are few yet very longed after. This week has been crazy, and Mark and I are both exhausted. So please be praying for us both in that area. Mark has started up a new elective, Ruth/Ecclesiastes/Song of Solomon, which is three days a week for a month. I’m looking forward to seeing what he’ll be learning from that class. We both met with the marrieds’ dean, Benjamin, on Tuesday and had a great conversation with him. We are so blessed to have godly men and women whose ministry is to invest in and evaluate our lives. We are so blessed, especially as a newly married couple to be around so many godly married couples.

Mark had a doctor check-up on Thursday, and has been allowed to start up running again. Tomorrow he is able to begin working out/lifting weights again, which he is thrilled about, but starting yesterday he hasn’t been feeling too well so he decided to wait a bit. Hopefully he won’t be getting sick. So please pray for his health especially as he recovers from surgery.

We received a lovely surprise on Friday…our hospital and radiology bill. And it is a great deal larger than we expected, but it makes sense since Mark doesn’t have health insurance for the States. This is the greatest area we need prayer for in our lives right now. Trying to figure out how we will pay, or God will provide, in this circumstance, and trusting in His sovereign provision for us. Medicaid is the biggest factor, and if Mark qualifies and is accepted we might not have to pay anything. I talked to the cashier at the hospital today and on Friday afternoon, she said that Mark most likely won’t be accepted for Medicaid, but we do have a Medicaid advocate which increases his acceptance. Also she is going to try to bill his Ontario Health Insurance, though I don’t think they will cover much either.

“Cast Away” themed dorm

Friday night was our school’s Open Dorm Night. The theme was movies, so each dorm decorated their dorms according to that theme. I think one of our favorite’s were The Nightmare Before Christmas dorm, but we also liked the Madagascar and Bill and Ted’s Great Adventure dorms.

“Legally Blonde” themed dorm-person

Saturday night we hosted Cara’s, one of our best friends, birthday party. She is turning 20 in December, but we’re celebrating now while everyone is still together. It was a blast. We had a pineapple upside-down cake and an ice cream sundae bar, played Apples to Apples, and watched Dan in Real Life. We really enjoyed hanging out with everyone. Then after the party, around 10pm, we went to our neighbor’s house where they had a group of people sharing testimonies, eating homemade pumpkin pie, and singing songs. It was a wonderful time of fellowship that went on past midnight.


  • For wise time management, and energy and endurance to make it though this last half of the semester.
  • Pray for Mark’s health as he recovers
  • For God’s provision with our medical bills
  • For Cara’s health, doctors not knowing what is wrong, etc.
  • For James, a guy Mark is witnessing to


  • A great and friendly hospital right next door
  • For an awesome and all-knowing Jehovah Jireh
  • Lauren’s younger sister is coming to visit for Thanksgiving

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