Autumn is Here!

Update: October 12, 2009

The first frost has come yesterday morning, the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red and yellow, and the school has turned on the boiler.

Yesterday was Mark’s first day without walking around with his cane. People have told him that he should keep it because it makes him look more sophisticated. Mark is still sore and limited in his mobility, but is still recovering well. He should be seeing the doctor sometime this week for a check up. Please pray for a quick recovery so that Mark can start up work again next week. Also, please continue to be praying for Mark’s Medicaid application to be accepted, and that his Ontario Health Insurance will be able to cover some of the bills as well.

This week has gone by extremely fast, for Mark it’s probably cause he only had two full days of school. We have both caught up on our homework, and now it’s mainly catching up on housework. We were able to keep our dinner date with Rex and Linda Gutwein. Rex is the president of NTBI and Linda works in the business office. Rex did our premarital counseling and has been a tremendous help and challenger in our relationship. We are so thankful for their ministry here with all the students.

Half the students and staff at the school drove to Waukesha (our sister school in Wisconsin) for the weekend to compete in the Fall 2009 Tribal Cup Tournament. Sadly, we did not take home the Cup this year, but we did win Men’s Soccer and Men’s Ultimate Frisbee. Since the school was almost vacant, Mark and I went on a date to Ann Arbor and had a wonderful relaxing day. We explored the large Salvation Army, bought some Honey Crisp Apples (I love fall!) and went to the dollar theater.

I think that this past week has been both challenging and extremely enjoyable. It was awesome to see how God could take a “bad” circumstance and use it for His good. Through Mark’s surgery we were able to be a witness to the staff at the hospital, grow in our relationship with each other, apply positional truths to our situation, be embraced by the encouraging and prayerful body of Christ, and be put in a place that we could rely and put our faith in God. I’m so thankful that God is faithful to transform us and work in us, through everything and especially through trials and difficult times. Today is Thanksgiving Day for Canada, and it is such a great reminder that we should be thankful and give praises to God for everything.

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances;
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”
1 Thessalonians 5:18

It is so encouraging to know that God “who began a good work in you [or us] will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6). God is working in us for the ultimate goal of transforming us to the image of His Son. No matter where we are, God can do this, and He knows what or where the best place would be for us to grow. Whether that be through Mark’s appendectomy, Mark’s good health, taking a semester off school, or continuing on at NTBI; He is faithful and we should trust Him to guide us where He wants us to be. It’s not about our plans for our lives and what we want to do, or trusting that God will allow us to continue with our plan. It’s just the daily choice to be in His Word, abiding in His Son, so that we can be transformed by His word, and trusting that God will use some dumpy clay pots for His glory.

I can not say again how thankful we are for all of your prayers and encouragement! We love you all and hope in turn we can be an encouragement to you, too!


  • For Mark’s health and recovery
  • That Medicaid and OHIP will aid us financially
  • Jon & Kristin (a couple from church) are having difficulties in their adoption process
  • Lauren – learning to be content with spiritual growth, housework, etc.
  • Mark – to have the heart of a servant
  • That we both can be witnesses at our work


  • Mark is doing great! (for a man who had surgery last week haha)
  • We have new neighbors, a couple transferred from off campus housing to our floor
  • The abundance of food in our house
  • Our awesome classes and teachers!

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