Update from Mark

Hello everyone,

Well, we’ve had a pretty interesting week so far. For all of you who don’t know, on Monday I had a laparoscopic appendectomy and I figured I should let everyone know how it all happened so here it is. Sunday was a normal day, I went to church, hung out and did some homework, worked out then played volleyball around 9 o’ clock. I was feeling a little tired but didn’t think much of it because it was later in the day and I’d had a pretty busy day. Monday morning we woke up at 7:20 am and I mentioned to Lauren that I was feeling kind of crummy, but we decided to just go to class anyways. By chapel hour (9-10) I started to get pretty intense cramps in my stomach so I decided to go to the apartment and try to get some sleep, I didn’t get much though because by 12pm I was in more pain then I’d ever been in before. We decided to go to a local doctor who treats New Tribes students for free. Lauren drove us there and by the end of the two minute drive I was in so much pain that I threw up on the sidewalk. We had to wait for about 1 hour (what to me felt like eternity) and during that time I threw up another two times. We finally got to talk to the doctor, and he told me my white blood cell count was through the roof. We went immediately to the ER and two hours later they finally got some morphine pumped into me. After a CT scan and a lot of tests they decided that I needed my appendix removed. So within the course of 12 hours I went from feeling almost fine to having one less body part. Sufficely to say, I’m very sore, though I have vicodin to make me feel better. I’m also on two antibiotics and I get to walk with a cane! haha.

Another thing happened on Sunday, a good friend of ours, YuJung, was baptized in the pool here at school by Rex! It was very cool to be a part of and it was very encouraging to see that our school is like a big family. During my stay in the hospital, Lauren and I felt more peace then we ever have. We went into the hospital and before an hour had gone by the phone was off the hook with texts and calls from people praying for us. The whole school prayed for us and has been so helpful, we came home to a fridge full of food and I think that everyone here has offered “anything”. We truly feel like God has blessed and taught us so much through this trial. I know for me I’ve learned so much about Lauren, she’s been so wonderful, staying up all night with me, and helping me with my books and everything. I really feel cared for and loved. I’m pretty sure Lauren gave you the nutshell version of our week on the blog so I just thought I’d write to fill in the blanks. If there are any questions please write back we love hearing from you all. Thanks to everyone for praying for us and encouraging us during this difficult time.

God bless you all,

P.S. I know this is going to be really off topic (and that’s largely due to the vicodin, because I’m finding it really hard to concentrate on anything for very long while I’m on it), but I know I always follow these up with a verse and one that’s really been on my mind lately is from Proverbs, “Faithful are the wounds of a friend”. One of my very close friends just had to leave school this month due to a personal issue. I was disappointed that I hadn’t been more involved with his life and able to maybe help him with his problem before he went as far as he did. The whole situation really reminded me of how we need to be in each others lives (as a body of believers) not in a nosy way but in a loving and caring way. So I really want to exhort you all to keep in touch with one another I know how hard it gets with our busy lives, but it’s a really important part of what we are as a body of believers. Thanks again. Love you all.


2 Comments on “Update from Mark

  1. Mark, so sorry to hear about your appendix (did Lauren happen to make any crack about Madeline?) 😉 Hope you're recovering well! I definitely remember pain from other procedures!

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