Update – October 7, 2009

Mark and I are now back at home. We were discharged from the hospital around 4pm yesterday. Mark went into surgery 10:30pm Monday night and came out of surgery around 12:15 Tuesday morning. It was so hilarious to watch Mark as he was waking up from the anesthesia. He entertained the two other nurses and I as he said goofy stuff like “Why are we all floating around in space”. Oh boy, it was so fun and he barely remembers anything. They moved us from the recovery room to a hospital room around 1:30am where they would come in every 3o minutes to an hour to check his vitals and give him medication. Around 6:30am the doctor came to check up on him, and after that different people came in to visit. Dr. Jennings, the head doctor from the family clinic we went to yesterday, came to see how Mark was doing. A lady came in and said she was going to help us because we didn’t have any insurance. She introduced us to a medicaid advocate and helped us find inexpensive places to fill our prescriptions. Mark’s prescriptions for three medications only cost us $4! Isn’t that incredible. Our medicaid advocate said that since I was accepted for medicaid that most likely Mark will be, and any medical bills from now to December would be covered by it, if the State accepts us. This was such a great encouragement to us and also knowing that Mark’s Ontario Health Insurance might help us out as well (since it was an emergency procedure). So please be in prayer that Mark will be accepted for Medicaid.

It was interesting to see how many people knew about New Tribes. Our ER nurse actually graduated from New Tribes Bible Institute in 1993. The surgery-prep nurse grew up near the New Tribes Mission base in Florida. Our anesthetist went on trips to Guatemala with a couple from New Tribes, who he met at the Bible school because he was looking for someone to teach him Spanish. One of the nurses in the recovery room worked with a NTBI graduate, Trinace, and Trinace’s brother-in-law, Brandon, was our nurse in our hospital room. I didn’t realize how familiar people were with NTM. It was a great conversation starter and people would ask us what we were studying and where we wanted to go after we graduated.

Mark was able to eat a good lunch yesterday and didn’t need necessarily morphine anymore. We picked up our prescriptions and went home. He is using a cane to walk around and is still in great pain, mainly from the gas that the doctors put inside him during surgery. He wasn’t able to lay down because of the excrutiating pain from it, but finally late last night found a position he was able to sleep in, and he is still sleeping.

It has been so encourgaing to both of us to be surrounded by such a loving and caring “family”. People have called us and left us messages non-stop about how they are praying for us (from California, Texas, Canada, Michigan, etc.). It’s also amazing at what a great peace that Mark and I have had during this whole time. Mark was not nervous at all before the surgery, and neither of us were or are worried at all about finances. God has provided for us in so many ways. Our neighbors took care of our bunny. We came home to a fridge full of food, which I have no idea where it came from. Thanks to everyone who helped out in that! We are so thankful to be at this school, with a great and helpful staff, and some awesome and serving students.

Besides all the pain, Mark and I have grown in so many ways through this situation. Definitely is proof of how God can use any situation for His good if we rely on Him and trust His sovereignty.

Mark and I, Trekkies for Nerd Day on Monday morning

3 Comments on “Update – October 7, 2009

  1. Was Mark dressed like that when you went to the hospital? : ) hahaha…

    It is such a blessing for those of us who couldn't be there to know that there are people up there who love you so much! God is so faithful! We will continue to pray as Mark recovers. We love y'all!

  2. Amen to the comment above concerning the blessing. I'm so glad your fridge was full. That's neat. This is an amazing and neat time in your life. Cherish it, but loosely cuz can't take it for granted can we? Nanoo-nanoo. Or do you know that saying? Mork from Ork (Robin Williams) years ago in a sitcom funning at Spock's vulcan hand symbol.

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