Update – Ocotber 5, 2009

Well, the plan for the day has greatly changed. Originally I was hoping to write a decent update after lunch, but instead I took Mark to the doctor. Mark is currently in surgery to remove his appendix woohoo! He woke up this morning and mentioned that his stomach was sore, and went back to the house to sleep during our second class. He couldn’t sleep, though, because of pain and when I came up he was having waves of sharp upper abdominal pain. At 2pm we went to a local doctor who takes NTBI student walk-ins for free. He did a blood test on Mark and saw that his white blood cell count was high and transfered us over to the hospital next door to the school. Mark was in tremendous pain, vomitting after the car ride because of it. We went to the ER and then were admitted to a room around 4pm. They finally gave him morphine about an hour or so later and his pain level went from a 12 to a 3. He also became a little giggly. They took a CT Scan and it revealed a dialated and slightly inflammed appendix, and now many hours later he is now in surgery. It should only take an hour or two so I will post tomorrow on how it went. But we can not thank you all enough for every one of your prayers! We have definitely felt them and have been greatly blessed by your encouragement, and giving and caring hearts.

Throughout this whole situation it’s been such a great reminder at how great and loving our God is. It is so comforting to be able to trust God, and know that He is the great Physician and is sovereign over any situation. It brings great peace to know that. To know that, unlike unbelievers, we have no fear over sickness, or death, because we can rest in the truth that if anything happens we have eternal life with God. Hallelujah! I think one of my greatest fears in all of this is how will we handle this financially and if we can still remain at school. But God is sovereign and if He wants Mark and I to remain at school He’ll provide for us a way, and if He wants us to take a semester off to raise money for school then we will, and I am okay with that.

Please continue to keep Mark and I in your prayers, either tonight as he is in surgery or the next week as he recovers.

Our short update for the week:

These are the muffins I made for our Sunday school class this week: cranberry-lemon and chocolate cappucino muffins. Yum!

This week we were able to eat dinner with the McMasters (Amanda was my dean last year and Chris is a teacher) and the Keens (April works in the office and Scot is currently teaching Romans class). We a great and wonderful time with both couples, the McMasters from Texas and the Keens from Kentucky. We were really encouraged by them and had some great conversations.

I unpacked my winter clothes from our storage locker this week because it has been in the 50s-60s almost all week. Winter is just around the corner! Mark and I have also both managed to break four glasses this week, but thanks to the local secondhand store we are now the owners of four thick glasses.

The Richards family came down to visit their daughter at school, they came from Durham, Ontario so Mark’s parents sent along with them a box and bag of food for us! Mark and I were so excited to get some more of his mum’s canned salsa (along with other great food items). I took a picture of several of them, so the non-Canadians can see what Canadian packaged food looks like. Because of Quebec all the labels have both English and French on them. Great for language learning, but annoying when you’re trying to figure out what it is sometimes.

Our new classes have started off great. Lots of reading material in Family Relations (on marriage and parenting…Mark doesn’t know why we’ll need the later pffft). Below is the paper I was using to write my outline for I & II Peter class. We have to write an outline for I Peter and read it 5 times.

Spirit week has begun today! I will post pictures tomorrow of our nerdy costume. Oh and to see an awesome video of two of our teachers go too this link and scroll down till you see the video. We have chapels every day and once or twice a month we have Evangelism chapel led by RCG (Really Cool Guy, aka Chris Darland). He intros each evangelism chapel with a short song, and this time it was in the style of a country square dance song featuring Scot Keen on the banjo. Enjoy!

And keep us in your prayers!
Love you all!


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