Update – September 21, 2009

Wow, another week has flown by! It’s incredible how quickly time passes when our days are packed with activities and homework. It’s been both a blessing and a trial to manage our time, so prayer is always welcomed for this area in our lives.

The week began with three papers due and a test, and then the homework level slowly decreased. Mark and I are continually learning from our classes. Romans class has been amazing and life-changing as well. We are now in chapter 6 and 7 which is dealing with sanctification. It’s an awesome truth to hear that we are “dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus” (Romans 6:11). This means that death no longer has any dominion or authority over us. We don’t have any obligation to our sin nature and we can say “no” to sin! Though sin is still present in our lives (and still can reign if we allow it to), through Christ we have been freed from sin and given the power to yield to Spirit and not to our sin nature. It’s so encouraging to be “in Christ” and learn about our positional truths (Romans 5).

So what has our life been outside of school? A great adventure! Mark and I both work 3-4 nights a week, about 10 hours each. Every student has an assigned Student Work Program (SWP): Mark is in charge of the chemical room and I clean one of the public girl’s restrooms, his SWP is daily and mine is every other day. Mark and I have joined a weekly study group (Green Letters) which has initiated great discussion and learning opportunities within our group. I am continuing to be a language helper with one of the South Korean ladies, who is continuing on to the MTC (Missionary Training Center) this January. We have an assigned laundry hour once a week, so our laundry begins to pile up haha. Mark is attending a self-defense class at our church and enjoying the fellowship there. I have joined a crochet group with several students here at school, and Mark has joined a volleyball team. Mark and I have also been able to meet with different deans and staff members throughout the week for both one-on-one investment and investment as a couple. He really appreciate how amazing the staff at NTBI is. They’re hospitable, honest, and very wise.

This Saturday was our All-School Picnic which took place at a Christian campground about 20 minutes away. Mark was finally able to fish again, though he didn’t catch much. We also ate lots and lots of candy and s’mores as we played games and sports, sang songs, and talked with most of the students.

Then on Sunday was our church’s Open House, and after the worship service we ate a 250lb pig and other potluck goodies. I made and brought some of Mark’s mom’s double-chocolate cookies 🙂

Jamal is a very happy bunny now, as we have purchased a huge and inexpensive rabbit cage for him off Craigslist. And on our way to pick it up in a nearby town, our poor car had a flat. But I have an awesome husband 🙂


  • That we won’t allow our circumstances to hinder us
  • That we would be a witness to our community
  • That we continue to let people invest in and evaluate our lives


  • That we found a friendly mechanic who helped fix our tires for an inexpensive price
  • Food cart for it’s awesome microwavable (and free) leftovers!

2 Comments on “Update – September 21, 2009

  1. Love hearing of your adventures, studying and the fun things. Thanks. We love you very much. grandma

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