Prayer and Praise

Prayer Requests

  • 4-24-2011 In 15 days, Mark will be flying to Canada in order to find a job for the summer. Please pray that he will find work. Meanwhile, Lauren will remain in Texas until the end of the school semester. Afterwords she will visit her family in California before joining Mark in Canada on July 12th. Please pray for safe travels, as well as other paperwork involving international health insurance, Lauren’s student visa, and Mark’s application for OHIP.

  • 9-16-2010 Please pray that we’ll be able to find jobs as soon as possible. We have turned in lots of applications in the towns around us, and are waiting to hear back from them.
  • 9-2-2010 We are putting Lauren’s permanent residency application on hold, since we do not think that Mark will qualify as a sponsor because of financially reasons.
  • 8-13-2010 We are still waiting for Lauren’s FBI Background Check to return so that we can mail out her Canadian permanent residency application.
  • 6-5-2010 We will be moving to Grandview, Texas on August 17th! Pray that we will quickly be able to find jobs and that the move will not be stressful.
  • 4-15-2010 Please be praying for us as we begin the journey of Lauren getting a Canadian permanent residency, and eventually citizenship. This won’t be free, quick, or easy. The first step is Mark’s sponsorship application in which we will need to pay a fee and find a job in Canada.
  • 4-10-2010 We hope to go on a mission trip with NorthCreek church this summer. Be praying that more people will join our team and that we will all compliment each other as we minister in an Islamic community in Birmingham, UK.
  • 2-16-2010 Lauren’s grandma, Margie Tatum, just found out she has vascular dimensia. Pray for her health and God’s provision in home care and other paperwork.
  • 2-9-10 Mark has a court hearing on the 11th
  • 2-2-10 Lauren’s grandma, Jerry Pipes, is battling liver cancer and cirrhosis. Please pray for her to have no pain and comfort for our family.
  • Wisdom and guidance in making future decisions (we graduate in four months!)
  • 1-6-10 We had a car accident, everyone is okay, but hopefully our car insurance payments won’t go up.
  • Our health (and everyone here at NTBI) during this flu season
  • Finances, time & paperwork for Lauren’s Canadian permanent residency application and Mark’s sponsorship paperwork
  • That we will invest in each others’ lives
  • That we can build relationships with students and staff
  • That we will grow in grace and knowledge
  • That we will have a learner’s heart
  • That we will continue to trust God, who is faithful, for finances

Praise and Answered Prayers!

  • 12-20-10 Beginning in January, Lauren will be working two days a week at a daycare, called Children’s Day Out, at FBC Grandview.
  • 9-3-10 We are both substitute teachers for Maypearl ISD, and have substitute teacher training with Grandview ISD at the end of this month.
  • 7-3-10 Our mission trip to Tijuana was amazing! God taught us so much through the trip and we enjoyed building relationships and serving at the Refuge of the Elders.
  • 4-11-10 Lauren received HealthPay which will cover most of her dental and prescriptions
  • 4-5-10 We received our Canadian tax return which pays for the rest of our school!!
  • 2-11-10 Grandma Pipes is worshiping our Lord in heaven
  • 2-11-10 Mark’s citation was dismissed! No $110 to pay or ticket on his record 🙂
  • 1-6-10 We received food stamps!
  • 1-5-10 Mark received Medicaid!
  • 10-06-09 Mark’s surgery went amazingly well!
  • Lauren was accepted for Medicaid in Michigan
  • God is providing us meals through the school’s food cart
  • Sept. 2009 Mark and I both have jobs again
  • We were able to buy an inexpensive car over the summer

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