Warren Dunes trip

A group of us from New Tribes drove to Warren Dunes State Park at Lake Michigan yesterday. This is the place that Mark and I started dating last year.

Mark and I

One of our students has actually gone tribal!
YuJung, from South Korea, and the Mathew family in the background.

Cassie brought her tight roping equipment and we all tried it out – it was hilarious to watch people fall (or flip) off.

Look at my strong & handsome husband 🙂

Me, Emma & Jenn buried Tom and turned him into a mermaid haha

Josie makes a lot prettier mermaid

The guys went jumping and flipping off the sand dune (there’s Mark above)

(Preston doing a flip over a pensive Steve)

It was a fun trip (though two hours away) and the water was clear and cold. Please be praying for us we use these next two days to finish our homework for the weekend and build relationships with the new freshmen.


One Comment on “Warren Dunes trip

  1. have a good 1 month anniversary. i'm commemorating it by working at my favorite station

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