Newest Addition to Our Family

My beta fish, Galito, passed away from the old age of 1 year on Sunday. So Mark surprised me with a trip to the local pet store to purchase the pet that we’ve talked about getting for a while. Here is our new family member:

Jamal Abdul

5 week old Mini-Lop Rabbit

Isn’t he adorable!
Here is a lovely pic of Mark and Jamal
He loved hopping outside and enjoyed the tasty grass
Here Jamal is shown nibbling “eating” my homework haha

6 Comments on “Newest Addition to Our Family

  1. HOW STINKIN' CUTE!!! And yeah, what do you do about the little bunny pellets inside? Will he use a litter box or something? or do you keep him in a cage like a hamster?

  2. That's how it starts, Mark!!! In a few years it'll be goats, guineas, chickens, cats, dogs… and whatever other varmint she wants!! And you'll be the chief zookeeper!!!!

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