Update – August 21, 2009

An update from the newlywed family:

Hello everyone!

Firstly I wanted to say that Lauren and I both love and miss you all very much! School has officially started and we are as busy as can be expected from classes all morning (and a bit of the afternoon) and homework for the rest of the day. We are trying to get everything settled in to our cozy new apartment and so far it’s all gone well. Life as a newly married man has been wonderful. I can’t speak for us both on this issue of course but I’m definitely seeing God’s hand in our relationship. I’m seeing things in Lauren’s personality that I’ve never seen before, and I’m falling in love with her more and more each day. We’re really connecting with a lot of the married couples here as well as with many of the singles. On Tuesday night we had a few people over for games and it went surprisingly well given the size of our apartment. I hope and pray that Lauren and I can really become a family of support and encouragement to our fellow students and, so far, it looks like that’s exactly what’s happening. It’s fun to learn to discover each other in every aspect of our shared life. I’ve learned many different things about Lauren (such as her desire to know and trust God in every aspect of her life) and I’ve really been encouraged by her endurance and steadfast labor to make our apartment a home. Please pray for me as I strive to be a husband worthy of such an amazing woman. I’m really seeking out the teachers and councilers this semester, I went to one teacher yesterday with several questions and was thoroughly encouraged by the council he gave me. I gues what I’m saying in so many words is that life’s going well. presenting us with many struggles but of course God always provides the stength to endure and through struggles we find encouragement and the ability to better encourage others.

I ask for prayer as Lauren and I engage in our studies. It looks like it’s going to be a very testing semester for us. We are putting in at least 5 hours of schoolwork and no less then 5 hours of homework a day. Obviously this brings a lot of stress into our lives and we could definitely use everyone’s prayers. We both plan to begin working soon and, although It’ll be interesting to see how that affects our ability to study, I’m trusting God with provision, and I was thoroughly encouraged today in my newest elective “Financial management” in which we looked at several verses in the Bible expressing God’s ownership of everything. It’s encouraging to see in Gen 1:1, Job 1:21, Ps 24:1, 89:11, 50:10-12, and numerous other verses that God owns and sustains everything. We discussed the provision of God and it just brought a lot of peace to my heart to know that God is truly in control of both our lives and our finances.

Please pray for us in the sence that I’m already feeling change in my own life and actions. It’s just as Paul says in Romans about God molding us like His clay, it’s good to know that God uses these different aspects of our lives to turn us into something that will bring Him glory. God’s also really showing me what true love is and I strive to mirror that through Him to others around me, particularly to Lauren. I wish I had longer to write to you but I have many hours of homework ahead of me today and I really should get back to it. As Paul would say, “Grace and peace to you from our God and Father the Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 8: 28- “And we know that all things work out for the good of those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”

God bless
Mark & Lauren


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