Our New Apartment

Our apartment: the living room/kitchen

the office

the bedroom

the bedroom

A couple of people from school (and Mark’s parents) helped us move in.


5 Comments on “Our New Apartment

  1. Is that in the NTBI building – the building that looks like an old school?
    I noticed Mark left his shoes on the kitchen floor and the office floor…. now he's acting like a married man ..haha!!

  2. Yes, we have two radiators in our apartment. One under our bedroom windows and the other under the office window. The heater comes on around September (whenever it gets chilly) and boy are those radiators noisy! Us students believe that there are gnomes that live inside them and hammer the pipes to wake us up at like 5 in the morning.

    And yes, this is the NTBI building – a former junior high. We live on the third floor with a lovely view of the hospital and its helicopter pad.

    I'll post pictures of what our apartment looks now sometime soon hopefully. It looks a lot different, almost finished, with just minor organizational things.

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